Volta Drum Dance is a non-profit organization focused on sharing Ghanaian Traditional Music across Los Angeles and beyond. Every member of Volta has opportunities to learn, perform, and be a part of our community. We are proud to be a diverse group of people who are bonded together over our love of West African drumming, dancing, and singing. It is our mission to expose as many people as possible to these traditions and instill a lasting curiosity for unfamiliar cultures. 


Ghanaian music combines the powers of drumming, dancing, and singing to connect communities and tell the stories of important cultural people and events to new generations. This distinct feeling of musical connectedness has no equal in American culture, and so we are committed to sharing it. Volta Drum Dance is proud to display our diverse membership. We come from different countries, races, and religions, but one thing we have in common is respect and love for this music and everything it represents. Every member of Volta was chosen for his or her skill and dedication to the music.


Volta Drum and Dance provides a unique experience that you do not want to miss.


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