Volta Drum Dance is a Los Angeles-based group dedicated to performing traditional Ghanaian music for an American audience. Members of this elite group are made up of California Institute of the Arts alumni and select other artists, all of whom have enthusiastically studied the intricacies of Ghanaian music.


Ghanaian music combines the powers of drumming, dancing, and singing to connect communities and tell the stories of important cultural people and events to new generations. This distinct feeling of musical connectedness has no equal in American culture, and so Volta is committed to sharing it. Volta draws on the extensive cultural knowledge of artistic director Nani Agbeli, who continues to share his heritage across the US and beyond to achieve faithful performances with accurate costumes traditional instruments. 


Volta Drum and Dance provides a unique, authentic experience that you do not want to miss.

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© Volta Drum Dance from Ghana, West Africa​. 2019 by Nani Agbeli.