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For a simple showcase performance, Volta will put together a program to fit any time constraint, or lack thereof, in order to entertain or gather an audience. Whether the audience is familiar with Ghanaian styles of music or not, the energetic performance and colorful costumes will capture everyone’s attention from start to finish. Performances can be either interactive, encouraging audience participation, or not. 


In an educational setting, Volta creates a bridge between two cultures tailored to the specific audience. We impart a general cultural understanding of West African musical traditions, which allows students to develop a sense of global awareness. Levels of specificity can vary with age groups, from basic explanations about costumes and culture for young children to comparing the African aural learning style to the vastly different written notation of Western music. At any age level, Volta provides a short (or long) showcase of the music at a high level in addition to either speaking on pre-arranged topics or a simple student-led question and answer session.


Volta offers two different styles of workshops, one for children and one for college students/adults. A children’s workshop will include more hands-on activities, keeping them engaged in learning drumming, dancing, singing, or some combination thereof. A workshop for adults can delve into more abstract thinking, incorporating the meanings of the songs and the interplay between the various drums and the dance motions. In either style, Volta offers a short (or long) showcase of the music at a high level in addition to instructional time and opportunities to ask questions.




Volta in Vegas! The Ghanaian Independence Celebration in Las Vegas featured Volta Drum Dance as the guest traditional group for the evening, performing Bawa, Kete, Adzogbo, and more. This celebration required an intense, high-energy performance that kept people dancing all night!


Tommy's Place (TCC) USC

3601 Trousdale PkwyLos Angeles, CA 90089, USA

Saturday, April 4th

From 8 pm - 9 pm



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